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Parents Arrested for Starving Child to Death

A father and stepmother have been accused of child injury to their 11-year-old son. News reports indicate that police in Dallas, Texas have finally gathered enough evidence to arrest the two for starving the young boy to death and dumping his body in a field. According to the arrest warrant, A.R., the father, and E.R., his wife, have been accused of several forms of abuse. An investigation revealed that the two locked the young boy in his room and fed him "military rations." They ultimately starved the boy to death and the father admitted to leaving his body in a field.

The two have since told police that the boy was given some bread, water and sometimes milk, for weeks on end. He became so weak that he could not move and eventually started to eat his own feces for subsistence. It was the grandfather that first alerted police to the disappearance of the young boy. While the parents refused to cooperate with law enforcement official at first, officers were able to obtain the evidence they needed to move forward with criminal charges. If someone has caused you child to sustain injuries and was reckless and/or negligent, take the time to consult a Broward County personal injury attorney from our office by contacting the Negroni Law Group now.