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Judges Rule Against Wrongful Death Suit

The family of a young man shot at a party in 2008 was disappointed when a judge ruled against their wrongful death lawsuit this week.

The case, which went before a court of appeal, discussed the death of a young rapper who was shot and killed in Santa Clara, California. On that day in 2008, officers were called to the party to respond to 911 calls regarding a man wielding a knife. When they arrived on the scene, the rapper had already stabbed two people at the party and wound up stabbing a police dog. He managed to lock himself in a room and when he refused to calm down, officers were forced to shoot him.

When reviewing the case of the young man, two judges determined that the police officers had cause to shoot him. In their ruling, they reiterated that the officers had the right to use force as the victim was wielding a dangerous weapon.

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