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Texting While Driving May Have Caused Auto Accident

A recent auto accident in Florida has cost at least a man his life as the result of careless driving. Authorities say that the cause of the accident appears to have been that one of the drivers involved was texting while driving. Florida is one of only a handful of states that do not yet have any legislation against cell phone use while driving. This latest accident has pushed Florida legislators to try to get new cell phone legislation pushed through.

In one Florida county, failing to yield – often a result of careless driving -- was the cause of the most fatal crashes in 2010. Other main reasons for fatal accidents were speeding, improper lane changes, and careless driving. Careless driving includes both texting and talking on the phone while behind the wheel. In another county, careless driving has led to the most auto accidents, taking 26 people's lives in 2010.

This epidemic of poor driving practices has led one Florida representative to call for a ban on texting while behind the wheel. In an effort to get the legislation through more quickly, the legislator has limited his proposal to just young drivers, insisting that new drivers in particular are more prone to being distracted while driving. Six other states have similar legislation, and yet the bill may still be difficult to pass.

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