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Low Water Levels May Have Attributed to Child Injuries

The historic drought occurring in the southeast region of the country has led to extremely low water levels in local lakes and rivers. One Florida river in particular has reached a record low which has contributed to the injuries of a small child. Injuries sustained by the nine-year-old girl included cuts on her knees and face when the she was ejected from her family's speedboat.

The boat was traveling through an area that typically has high water levels, but due to the drought, rocks that are normally well below the surface of the water were instead at the water's surface. The driver of the boat did not see the rocks and drilled into them, causing the boat to be jolted hard enough to eject the young girl. The girl was in the front of the boat at the time and no other passengers were harmed.

The girl has received some stitches and should be just fine, which is very lucky considering the nature of the accident. Authorities warned local boaters to take extra caution on the river this fall until the water levels return to normal.

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