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Good Samaritan Aids Boat Accident Victims

A Good Samaritan came to the rescue of two men in a boat accident who fell from their skiff in a Florida waterway. Unfortunately, one of the men did not survive the accident. On a Monday morning, the passing boater saw two men fall off of their Carolina Skiff. The skiff was apparently spinning out of control, launching the men over the sides. Neither man was wearing a life jacket.

Based on preliminary reports of the incident, it appears that the skiff encountered a large wave, possible the wake of another boat, and the wave launched the two men from their boat. The passing boater was able to pull one man into his boat who was unharmed by the incident.

Personnel on a Fire Rescue Fire Boat pulled the other man from the water. This second man was unconscious and not breathing. The unconscious man was then taken to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead. Local investigators are still trying to determine the cause of the accident and to determine what might have caused the man's death.

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