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Reservoir Shut Done after Boat Accident

A local reservoir was shut down while divers searched the bottom of the lake in order to find a video camera that might have caught a boat accident that took the lives of three people last week. The video camera was attached to the front of a watercraft that collided with a motor boat on a Saturday afternoon in the reservoir.

The accident took the lives of the riders of the watercraft, a 34-year-old woman, her mother, and another woman. The three women were pronounced dead at the reservoir while the four occupants of the boat were taken to local hospitals and treated for minor injuries.

Unfortunately, the divers were unable to find the video camera at the bottom of the reservoir. However, the divers did find the hood of the watercraft which the women were riding on. The hood has been sent to a re-creation specialist to help determine what might have caused the accident. Officials have stated that alcohol was not a factor in the accident. According to local authorities, the reservoir will re-open to the public within a few days.

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