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Maine Widower Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit

A widower in Maine filed a seven-count lawsuit against the hospital where his wife died, hoping to prove wrongful death.

The husband believes that his wife, Judith, died wrongfully under the medical attention received at Portsmouth Regional Hospital. She had received treatments there over a period of two years and, as a result, experienced severe pain and suffering, underwent multiple painful surgeries, all of which racked up some serious medical bills.

While her final cause of death was from ulcers on her backside, her husband believes that his 60-year-old wife's death was premature and due to neglect on the side of the hospital. He is now requesting a jury trial for the loss of consortium, vicarious liability and medical malpractice and wrongful death charges that he has leveled against the hospital.

Several individuals have been named in the suit, including Mark C. Sullivan and George K. Looser, both physician's assistants. Sullivan had signed an order stating that the wife could not be turned following her surgery; she was not turned and left immobile for three days following her procedure.

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