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Family Obtains $7 Million Award for Wrongful Death Case

When Victoria Lynn Brown Harmon went to a Mooresville hospital in 2007, she thought it would be a routine procedure for a hysterectomy.

However, something happened during her surgery that Harmon was unaware of. It would appear that her doctors were unaware of the complication as well, since they sent her home the next day to rest, even though she was complaining of pain. When she returned to the hospital just hours later, the doctors determined that her bowel had been perforated. At that point, she had gone nearly 80 hours without receiving appropriate medical treatment to correct the issue.

As a result, she developed sepsis, suffered multiple organ failure, including brain and kidney problems, had pneumonia and was on dialysis before her family knew what happened.  Sadly, she succumbed to her injuries in September 2007.

After her death, her family decided to file a wrongful death lawsuit and it is reported that a jury rewarded them $7 million for their tragic loss.

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