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Officers Locate Hit and Run Driver

Officers with the Florida Highway Patrol worked overtime this past year to locate the hit and run driver responsible for killing on teenage boy and injuring his brother.

The FHP spent one year gathering evidence from the November 3, 2010 car accident that took the life of the 15-year-old boy and seriously injured his twin brother. After speaking with the family and witnesses as well as examining the scene of the accident, the department was finally able to name their prime suspect.

While there were no eyewitnesses that could provide a positive identification that a 30-year-old male was the man responsible, the police had their suspicions after searching the vehicle for evidence.  Officers found enough blood spots to link the 30-year-old to the two teens inside the car.

Police believe that the 30-year-old swerved off the highway, hitting the two boys, and then left them for dead. The teens were later found bleeding, but still alive in a nearby ditch.  While both were transported to area hospitals, only one was able to leave. After determining his critical state, the family decided to take the other brother off life support.

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