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Family Seeks Damages for Daughter's Wrongful Death

When someone you love is murdered, their killer could face both criminal and civil charges if you decide to file suit. That is the case for parents who lost their daughter last month in Traverse City.

After their daughter went missing earlier this year, her parents were shocked but relieved when her body was located. The young woman was discovered in a sand pile, buried, after she was killed in a nearby vacant building.

Now the man believed to have murdered her will stand trial for her death on August 31st. However, the victims' parents have decided to bring suit against the suspect for the wrongful death of their beloved daughter.

The family is asking for damages over $25,000 due to their tragic loss. Since the death of their daughter, neither parent has been able to return to work. In addition to compensating them for time lost from work, the parents say award money will be used to create a memorial for in their daughter's honor.

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