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Statistics Show That Boaters Need to Take Operational Safety Seriously

Most people believe that boating is a fun recreational activity and for this reason they do not learn boating safety.  Yet, recent statistics show these boaters make up the majority of recreational boating fatalities as well as accident victims in the state of Florida.  Reports indicate that nearly 90% of boaters involved in accidents on the water from 2004 to 2009 have never taken a safety course.

According to Chad Weber of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, "boating is seen as such a pleasurable recreational activity that people don't think about how dangerous it is."

He said that boating trips ended in fatalities for 97 people who died on Central Florida waters since 2004.  Additionally, 350 people were injured duringboat accidents during that same time.

Data shows that in 2009, 60% of operators during fatal boat accidents had more than 100 hours of experience and that victims drowned 70% of the time. 

Due to the staggering statistics and seriousness of boat accidents, the state of Florida passed legislation that requires anyone born after January 1, 1988 to complete an approved safety course before they can legally operate a vessel on Florida waters.

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