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Mother Sues School Board Following Daughter's Attack

After her daughter was attacked on school grounds one mother is now suing a South Florida school board.

Hilda Gotay is arguing that the school provided negligent security for the safety of her 16-year-old daughter Josie Lou Ratley. According to the lawsuit Ratley was left "permanently and totally disabled" after another student kicked her with steel toe boots. According to investigators Wayne Treacy, 16, stomped and punched Ratley repeatedly until he was pulled off of her.

He has since been charged with attempted murder as an adult. If convicted he could spend up to fifty years in prison for this charge. Treacy has already entered a plea of not guilty.

As a result of the attack Ratley was in a coma with brain damage and has since undergone months of rehabilitation. Doctors have determined that Ratley has difficulties now with reading, short term memory and other cognitive functions.

The basis of Gotay's lawsuit is that Treacy was able to freely walk onto Ratley's campus, even though he was not a student there, and attack her daughter while she was waiting for the bus to arrive.

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