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Family Files Wrongful Death Claim for Police Shooting

The Henry family is experiencing a little bit of hope for their son's case now that the Department of Justice will be reviewing it.

Their son, DJ Henry, 20, was shot by officers while sitting in his car outside a bar in Mount Pleasant. According to the officers present at the time Henry drove directly at them with his vehicle, prompting them to respond with gunfire.

However Henry's family is not satisfied with this outcome, stating that the officers should have been charged with murder. His father, Danroy Henry, Sr., said "we still believe that there needs to be a murder conviction here, starting with an indictment. We never believed the indictment would come at the state level, we always thought it would have to come at the federal level." Now that the DOJ is reviewing their case the Henry family has a chance of getting the indictment they seek.

In addition to the federal case the Henry family has also filed a civil claim to prepare for the wrongful death lawsuit they plan on filing.

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