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Doctors Unable to Save Boat Accident Victim's Leg

Despite their initial attempts doctors were unable to save the leg of a 14-year-old girl on Saturday.

Gabby DeSouza was struck by a boat propeller when she was attempting to climb back into the boat. It struck her right below the knee. Emergency personnel arrived and arranged to have DeSouza airlifted to St. Mary's Medical Center and, although she has remained in critical condition ever since, she is expected to survive the accident minus her leg. The young girl is optimistic about her situation even though she will face several more surgeries and hours of rehabilitation.

The accident happened last Tuesday when DeSouza attempted to get into the boat as another boat carrying friends was approaching them. That boat knocked into theirs, causing her to strike her leg against the propeller.

Although they were in a designated swimming area there are no signs posted permitting boats from coming close to the shoreline.

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