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Doctors Say Brain Can Rewire Itself When Injured

Although doctors say that the brain is highly resilient, can adapt and rewire its circuitry when injured, it is still undetermined as to how Gabrielle Giffords will recover after the shooting she endured.

The Arizona congresswoman was shot in the head by someone trying to make a statement last year but doctors say she is doing very well. According to members of her staff she began speaking for the first time this week since her attack on Jan.8. This is fairly typical of brain injury victims who generally regain speech four to six weeks after the injury was incurred.

While Giffords is doing well now doctors have been cautious to advise her and those close to her that she may not make a complete recovery. With brain trauma victims there are no certainties in the recovery process. In fact most people who suffer a similar brain injury will have some degree of impairment for the rest of their lives.

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