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5 People Injured on Walt Disney Bus

When a Walt Disney World bus collided with a tractor trailer five people were injured. According to the Florida Highway Patrol the bus was traveling on Boggy Road in Orlando when it collided with the tractor trailer.

Luckily none of the injuries were described as being life-threatening and could be treated at local hospitals. This bus normally takes people to and from the Orlando International Airport.

This isn't the first time a Walt Disney World bus has been involved in an accident: last year a visitor from Massachusetts stepped in front of a bus at the Walt Disney World Resort. At that time the FHP was called in to investigate the death of the 69-year-old tourist. Although he was rushed to the Orlando Regional Medical Center he died shortly after arriving.

The FHP determined that the driver, 57-year-old Rosemary Kincaid, had the right of way when she accidentally struck Robert Krueger last year. There were also passengers on the bus at the time of the bus accident but nobody was injured.

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