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Wrongful Death Claim Filed for Death of Swimmer

One woman lost her life doing something that she loved, swimming. Her family has decided to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the three men responsible for accidentally taking her life in August.

The woman, a scientist at a university in Utah, was swimming in a reservoir in August 2010 when she was hit and run over by a boat. She was about 300 feet from the shore at the time of the accident. As an avid swimmer, she was used to swimming long distances and being cautious of boats. However, even she could not anticipate the actions of the three men in the boat that day.

Now her sister has filed suit on behalf of her heirs and family. She is holding the three men – ages 22, 22 and 29 - responsible for her death. The wrongful death lawsuit goes on to describe the fatal injuries that she sustained that day, including how the propeller tore into her torso and caused catastrophic injuries.

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