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New Wrongful Death Trial Ordered by Appeals Court

A new trial has been ordered for the wrongful death case of a young man killed in the city of Orlando.

According to reports, the man was an innocent bystander in a police chase on January 20, 2006 who lost his life after the person being chased hit his vehicle. This lawsuit was originally heard by a jury in Orlando, Florida who determined that the city was 55 percent responsible for the young man's death. However, city attorneys appealed the case, and after hearing the details, an appeals court determined that a new trial must be held.

Part of their evidence for a new trial included what the city's attorneys believed to be a prejudiced jury, as well as unnecessary comments that could have led to a desirable outcome for the victim's parents. This came as a shock and disappointment to the plaintiffs who want to avoid another lengthy trial at all costs.

Wrongful death cases can be difficult and are often complex.  For this reason, if you're planning to file a wrongful death claim in Florida, it is advised that you contact a Broward County wrongful death attorney from our law office so you have an experienced litigator on your side that will protect you rights and best interests.