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14-Year-Old Loses Leg As Result of Wakeboard Accident

Although he is lucky to have escaped with his life, a 14-year-old boy will never walk normally again after a serious boat accident.

A statement released by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission explained the details of the incident which forced doctors to amputate the teenager's left leg. According to the statement, the young boy was riding on a water scooter operated by another young boy. Behind them was a third teen being towed on a wakeboard. Even though the third teen fell off the board, the boy driving the scooter refused to stop. Instead, he proceeded to go faster.

Not wanting to remain on the scooter, the young boy jumped off. However, his leg became entangled in the line carrying the wakeboard, causing a serious injury. At this time, officers will not release the name of the boy responsible for the accident as he is both a minor.  However, they say there is a criminal investigation pending against him.

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