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Family Sues for Death of Infant

A lawsuit was filed against Advocate Lutheran General this week for the wrongful death of an infant.

The suit, filed by the child's parents, if for the death of their newborn baby that was also a premature infant. They allege that the medical staff gave their son a dose of sodium that proved to be lethal. Both parents were present when their son went into cardiac arrest and ultimately watched their young son die. 

Although their son, Genesis, was born several months early the doctors had given the Burketts a positive prognosis for his survival. However, just forty days after he was born, the pharmacy gave the medical staff a bag of sodium that had twenty times the amount required. The final cause of death was hypernatremia, or an excess of sodium. However, the family alleges that the doctor should have realized the error beforehand as the dosage was labeled correctly, the initial error was in the pharmacy sending up the wrong dosage. 

Officials from the hospital met with the parents and reportedly admitted to their mistake.

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