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27 Year Old Dies during Tragic Florida Parasailing Accident

In Clearwater Beach, a woman from Georgia died days after a parasail's tether detached from a boat while she was vacationing in the state of Florida.

The victims of the boat accident, Alejandra White and Shaun Ladd, were both injured on September 5th after the tether that linked a tow boat and passenger harness broke, forcing Ladd into the water and White into the beach on a runaway parachute.  Authorities say that White was dragged behind the chute through umbrellas on the beach and into a volleyball court post.

After the accident, a spokesman from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said that the 27-year-old woman had died from her injuries.  Her Fiance, Ladd, did not suffer any serious injuries.  Both were from the city of Atlanta.

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