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Toyota Settles Wrongful Death Claims

It is being reported that the wrongful death and product liability lawsuits involving car manufacturer Toyota and a California family have been settled.  The lawsuit filed against Toyota was in light of a tragic car accident involving off-duty California Highway patrol officer, Mark Saylor, and three members of his family.  Saylor's Lexes sped out of control near San Diego and the crash resulted in the deaths of Saylor and his family members.

The suit was brought against Toyota and Bob Baker Lexus, the dealership that loaned the vehicle to Saylor.  And although Toyota's settlement has released them from the suit, Bob Baker Lexus remains a defendant in the case.

An improperly installed floor mat has been the focus of investigation as Toyota has already recalled millions of vehicles for this safety defect.  However, Toyota's electronics may also have played a factor-an avenue that the attorneys for Bob Baker Lexus are suggesting. 

Toyota had already been receiving complaints about sudden acceleration problems since 2002, but Saylor's crash in August 2009 is what finally caused the public to take notice.  Following the public attention, Toytota recalled more than 10 million vehicles worldwide.

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