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Storybook Child Care Center Says it is Not Responsible for Child Injuries

A formal statement has been issued by Storybook Child Care Center of Pittsford, NY denying claims that they were responsible or had anything to do with injuries sustained by a 10-month-old boy. 

A representative for Storybook, David Clearly, writes in a six-page written response to the allegations that the child was returned to his parents in perfect condition and that there "was no incident of an infant head injury on our premises."  The report did not mention any other accusations of injuries to children at the center.

The child was diagnosed with a fractured skull at a local hospital after the parents picked the boy up from Storybook and noticed an indentation on the boy's head.  The parents claim they have nothing to hide and merely seek the cause of the injury.

Also included in Cleary's report is the claim that the staff didn't notice any signs of an injury on the day of the incident and that the "child was not agitated, crying, in discomfort, or have any signs of bruising at all."

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