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Boat Accident Investigated by Texas Parks & Wildlife Department

An investigation being conducted by the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department continues to look into an incident that occurred on Lewisville Lake.  It was reported that a boat accident sent eight children and at least one adult to local hospitals.

The T-bone collision involved two 20-foot boats that were being rented by three families and the parties included four adults and eight children-ages 4 to 12.  According to a department spokesman, the investigation is also looking into whether a child was driving one of the boats at the time of the accident, although it is not illegal for a 12-year-old child to operate a boat with an adult aboard.

The department spokesman also stated that everyone aboard the boats was wearing a life jacket.  This fact probably prevented a more severe consequence of the crash as one of the boats sank following the collision.

One of the children injured in the boat accident was 10-year-old Jahid Salem.   He suffered a head injury and remains at Cook Children's medical Center in Fort Worth.

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