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Two Teens Injured in Water Craft Accident

On Sunday, two teenagers in Illinois suffered serious injuries in a personal watercraft accident.  The first teen, 14 year old Danielle Loftus, had to be flown to Peoria Hospital and was said to be in critical condition on Monday.

According to news sources, Loftus and her 14 year old cousin Riley Wilson were both injured at 7:30 PM near the Springfield Ski & Boat Club.  Wilson suffered collapsed lungs, multiple broken ribs and a broken collarbone.  Unlike her cousin, she was in fair condition on Monday.

The teens were riding on Jet ski type vehicles that were being operated by adults when their boat accident occurred.  Officials report that one vessel had made a sharp turn in front of the other vessel, causing a collision. 

At this time, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources says that it is still looking into the accident.

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