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Slip and Fall Accident Leaves Worker Seriously Injured

In Massachusetts, a construction worker suffered serious injuries after falling through a roof.  At the time of the fall, the worker was on top of an auto parts store on Route 9 that was under construction.

Fire Chief James M. Vuona said that the slip and fall accident led to man sustaining a back injury and fractured ribs.  The worker allegedly fell 15 feet.

According to Chief Vuona, some of the openings on the unfinished roof had been covered with plywood and the man had lifted a piece of wood from the roof opening to perform work when his accident occurred.  Vuona claims that the worker may have slipped because the surface was wet from previous rainfall. 

Shortly after the accident occurred, firefighters and paramedics arrived at the scene on the eastbound side of Route 9 to assist the worker.  The accident took place at approximately 7:10 AM.

At this time, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating the conditions surrounding the worker's fall and injuries.

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