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18 Year Old Killed during Bike Accident

Last week Thursday, a father learned that his 18 year old daughter was killed during a major bike accident.  Reports indicate that Shae Lynn Burchfield was struck by a motor vehicle while riding her Honda motorized bicycle.  The driver of the vehicle is reported as 50 year old Frederick Andrews, who was operating a 1994 Red Bronco.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, once Burchfield's bike was hit, it erupted into flames.  At this time, they are unsure whether or not Burchfield was wearing a helmet or if alcohol may have been involved.   

Authorities say that a man and his daughter were traveling on Wildwood Drive and tried to help Burchfield.  St. Johns County Fire Rescue medics arrived and tried to perform CPR, but Burchfield was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. 

After the collision, Florida Highway Patrol troopers and St. Johns County Sheriff's had to close Wildwood Drive for over an hour as they conducted their investigation and cleared the road.

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