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Woman Takes Legal Action for Slip and Fall Accident

It has been reported that a woman from St. Tammany Parish is filing a slip and fall lawsuit against a local grocery store for more than $2.5 million.  On December 13th, the woman, Belinda Pellegrin, filed her claim against Winn Dixie Montgomery Inc. in a federal court located in New Orleans.

In her lawsuit, Pellegrin claimed she was shopping at the store on January 30th when she slipped and fell because there was a foreign substance on the grocery store floor.  She is asserting the grocery store is responsible for the injuries she sustained.

Pellegrin believes the defendant is negligent for failing to provide her with a safe place to shop, for failing to maintain its aisles and for failing to warn customers of the dangerous condition of the floor.  According to her, she suffered back injuries as a result of her slip and fall accident.  Pellegrin is hoping to obtain compensation for physical pain and suffering, lost wages, medical expenses and court fees.

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