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Police Believe 11 Year Old Drowned during Boat Accident

In Coffey County, local law enforcement authorities announced today that they believe an 11-year-old boy drowned during the very same boat accident that claimed the lives of his uncle and his father.

On Saturday at around noon, police were alerted that a boat had capsized on the John Redmond Reservoir.  While searching the reservoir, numerous law enforcement agencies discovered the bodies of two men on the shoreline along with debris from the boat.

They later identified one man as 40-year-old Jason Jenkins and the second as 22-year-old Clinton Yeager.  However, the body of 11-year-old Jeremy Jenkins remains missing, but authorities assert that he may have drowned.

Police say the victims of the boating accident were hunting waterfowl when the capsizing occurred and they have plans to continue searching for Jeremy despite their drowning theory.

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