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16,000 People Die from Slip and Fall Accidents Each Year

Each year, millions of people become slip and fall accident victims. You often hear reports of kids slipping while on playgrounds and streets as well as adults slipping on icy driveways, while walking through parking lot or even climbing upstairs.  Numerous conditions and circumstances can lead to slip and fall accidents which may result in people suffering a all types injuries, from head injuries, to broken bones.

According to statistics from the National Safety Council, thousands of people die each year from injuries suffered while falling. In fact, it is reported that 16,000 people die every year due to falling related accidents and the people who are most at risk for slip and falls happen to be individuals age 65 or older.

With there being so many slip and fall accident cases each and every year, it is important that people are careful at all times.  This is especially true when ice, rain or snow is present, or when surfaces appear slippery or wet.

If you were recently injured during a slip and fall accident, it is important that you become aware of your legal rights and options bycontacting a Broward County personal injury attorney.  A lawyer can review your case, see if negligence played a role in your accident and help you pursue appropriate legal action.