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Mother Speaks Out After Toddler Suffers Severe Burns at Daycare

Currently representing this wonderful child. Horrific to see her injuries and the absolute lack of care she got at this daycare. We will seek justice for Leah and for any other little ones that are ...
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DE Recalls Front Load Washers for Injury Hazard

If you own a GE Profile WDPH8800, WDPH8900, or WDPH8910 then you will want to contact the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission about a current recall regarding these washing machines. There are ...
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Indoor Tanning: Dark Skin Now Could Mean Cancer Later

According to ABC News when women hit the tanning bed to get bronze and beautiful skin, they may be heightening their risk for skin cancer later on in life. One woman named Kim Benz recently when under ...
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Parents Sue School for Allowing Child Sex Abuse

A family in Indiana is seeking compensation from Ball State University after they discovered that their son was subject to sexual abuse by fellow second-graders in his elementary school classroom. The ...
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American Airlines Seats Come Loose During Flight

For many people, flying is a scary activity. Because plane crashes occur from time to time, many men and women take plane safety very seriously. Every time before a plane takes off, flight attendants ...
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Solvents can Lead to Birth Defects

A solvent is a substance that dissolves into a chemically different liquid in order to create a solution. Typically, solvents are in a liquid form, but they can also be bottled as gases or as solids. ...
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Mother Dies on Roller Coaster

Denise King was on a summer vacation at King’s Dominion theme park in Richmond, Virginia, when the unthinkable happened. The mother from Pitt County suffered a brain aneurysm while the roller ...
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Real Estate Company Sued for Unsafe Staircase

A man in Harris County, Texas was exploring a Spring-area apartment with the intent to purchase a complex there when he slipped and fell off of the stairs. He decided to take legal action, claiming ...
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Birth Control Pills Recalled for Ineffectiveness

If you are taking birth control, you want to know that that pill will keep you from getting pregnant. There is no point in taking a contraceptive that doesn’t prevent this, which is why Pfizer ...
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America's Most Dangerous Jobs: Mining Machine Operator

There are a variety of jobs that bring about a lot of risks in America. In fact, there are many jobs that have high death rates or are constantly dealing with worker’s compensation lawsuits ...
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Three Injured in Crash on the I-95

In Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the lives of three individuals changed forever when they were involved in a fiery crash on the interstate. The Florida Highway Patrol says that one of the cars was going ...
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Florida A & M University Trying to Settle Suit Over Band Hazing

A family was devastated when they heard that their son, Robert Champion, had died at Florida A&M University. The reason for his death was not a freak accident, a medical condition, or a car crash. ...
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Two Injured After Florida Parking Structure Collapses

A security guard and a contractor were near a parking structure in Fort Lauderdale, Florida when the cement structure toppled over, harming the victims. While both men survived the incident, they were ...
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Two Casinos Close After Aquarium Springs a Leak

When you have large aquarium tanks surrounding your place of work or recreation, you certainly don’t want to hear that the tanks have a leak. Yet that is exactly what two Gulfstream Park casinos ...
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Two Toddlers Drown in Florida Swimming Pools

Whenever toddlers are allowed near a swimming pool, it is essential that they are supervised and cared for. As well, it is very important that they wear flotation devices near the pool, and that any ...
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Night Lights Pose Danger of Fire

Night lights are supposed to prevent injury by providing light in the nighttime when you are moving about in your home. While people often plug in these small lights as a sort of precaution, a recent ...
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Bike Helmets are Essential to Rider Safety

Recently, a passenger on a motorbike was riding along the U.S. 441 South when he was hit from behind by a pick-up truck and sent tumbling to their death. In this situation, a simple rear-end collision ...
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Two-Year-Old Strangled in Window Blinds

Children often like to play with dangling cords or ropes, which is why parents tend to baby-proof their house when their toddler’s reach an age of curiosity. Children will toy with dangerous ...
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Man Attacked by Pit Bull While Mowing Lawn

Dogs can be a man’s best friend, but an unfriendly dog can also be a man’s worst enemy. Pit bulls are often referred to as one of the most dangerous dog breeds in the United States. In ...
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Small Magnet Sets: A Trend and a Hazard

Small magnetic balls and cubes came onto the market in recent years, and quickly became a popular desk toy in offices all across the United States. The little metal balls are cubes are entirely ...
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DeVilbiss Air Power Company Recalls Air Compressors

Last month, several people contacted the Consumer Product and Safety Commission to report the dangers of Craftsman air compressors. These compressors are formally titled as EX-CELL, Porter-Cable, and ...
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Four Injured in Florida Car Wreck

At a young age, children learn the concept of red light and green light through a popular children’s game. Later, as teens are learning to drive, they are instructed when to stop and go based on ...
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Mental Abuse can Lead Lifelong Scars

People sue for injuries every day. From broken bones to sexual assault, people are constantly in courts listing their expenses and seeking damages. But in some cases it may be worth it to pursue ...
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Dangerous Occupations: Roofers

Whenever a job involves heights, it also involves danger. Even with the proper equipment, a man or woman who stands on a roof for a living is at risk to a terrifying tumble. According to CNN, 32 out ...
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Man Accused of Sexually Abusing Two Children

Sexual abuse is an act that can be prosecuted as a crime and litigated as a personal injury lawsuit. Often people try to press both sorts of charges on an offender so that they can obtain money for ...
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